About Us


Lisa Lewis, President of LL Cool Homes LLC

I used to work a tech job. One evening a few years ago, after yet another 90 minute commute, I said to my husband, “Why am I doing this again? What I really want to do is flip houses.”

He gave me the look that he usually gave me when this subject came up. Then he said, “Well, just try not to lose any money.”

And LL Cool Homes was born.

Now (with an extended team that includes Gina Piper and Shawn Farrell of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Dax Lay of Left Coast Construction and many others) I own and operate a successful real estate renovation company specializing in stylish and high quality renovations. What makes an LL Cool Homes house extraordinary is our philosophy, reflected in our tagline “Bringing New Life to Old Homes”.  We don’t have hundreds of gallons of the same beige paint and thousands of yards of matching carpet we use to quickly turn around every house we renovate. We approach every remodel as a unique project, using materials appropriate to that home.  I can honestly say that I would live in every home I’ve remodeled!

A few other things about me. I live in Pleasanton with my husband and 14 year old daughter. I have two great step kids in Arizona. I have two Australian Shepherds, Barley and Sky. I am also a food, wine, shoe, and fitness enthusiast and am really proud of my team The Walkie Talkies for completing the Susan G. Komen 3 day 60 mile walk for breast cancer (twice) and raising over $30,000! And yes we talked as much as we walked.


LL Cool Homes Team of Construction Professionals


Dax Lay has been in the construction business since he was 18 years old. He used to watch his father swinging a hammer at a very young age and felt he would be a builder just like him. Before opening his own business, he worked for a construction company learning the trade and was then given an opportunity to build high-end custom homes in Japan. There, he worked for the guy who became his mentor. After six years of construction management classes and a General Contractor License, he started his own business, Left Coast Construction, which is named for his love of kiteboarding and building.





Daniel Garcia is our demolition dude. He can demo kitchens and baths faster than…well….YOU can. But he’s also experienced in general construction. Daniel is adept at installing sheet rock and dry wall and in finish carpentry and plumbing. He’s also our go-to-guy for fitting toilets, trim, lighting, and hardware.





Fernando Juarez is the wall expert. With over 10 years experience Fernando is renown locally for repairing and restoring walls. No one knows more about preparing walls for paint including sheetrock, taping, mudding, and texturing. And, of course, Fernando NEVER hangs wallpaper.



Ramon Monroy insists on perfection…the fit and finish in an LL Cool Home must be perfect. With 17 years experience in finish carpentry, and a team of four, Ramon installs all cabinets, crown molding, baseboards, doors, and trim. When the doors close properly, when the kitchen cabinets are level, and when the hardwood floors gleam Ramon has done his job right.



Nicolas and Ramero Barragan, Black Diamond Tile, Inc. Together, Nicolas and Ramero Barragan have 30 years experience working with ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, marble, slate, and travertine tile. There is literally not a single tile material that they haven’t adhered to a wall, floor, countertop, backsplash, or fireplace. Not only can they transform a bathroom from an empty space into a luxurious spa setting, they will even teach you to grout…if you like.




Terry Yee and Steve Knoll, Terry’s Plumbing Terry and his team have hands-on experience in installing and repairing complex plumbing systems−essential when moving showers, toilets and sinks from one room to another. And more importantly…they can unclog a toilet faster than you can say “WHOOSH”!





Juan Limon Serious World Champion Giants fan and experienced electrician Juan Limon knows his way around a transformer. He’s skilled in installation, repair, and maintenance of generators, wiring, lights, appliances, circuits, and other electrical equipment. And it only takes one of him to change a lightbulb!




Team Green Meet the landscaping team of Juan Rodriguez. Juan and his gang of green thumbs perform extensive yard clean up and prepare the yards for their fresh plantings. They repair and replace sprinkler systems, plant beautiful trees, flowers and lawns, and mend broken fences. And they provide our new homeowners with maintenance services to keep the yards green and growing.





Rafael Hernandez A good painter knows that quality painting is 90% prep and 10% actual application of paint to the wall. Fortunately, Rafael is amazing at both! He makes walls look colorful and new!








Humberto & Jessica Miranda My cleaning team can be summed up in one word: “Sparkle”. This refers to both how they clean and the kind of people they are! I’ve known them forever and would not trust construction clean up (SERIOUSLY REAL DIRT) to any other cleaning service!